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We use design thinking to solve problems in the world. We are creative thinkers who come up with innovative solutions to complex problems. We're located in the heart of the largest historic residential neighborhood in Washington, D.C. Capital Hill. We are in a quaint neighborhood under the shadow of the nation's congressional buildings. It's this charming neighborhood that helps give us the focus we need to create amazing products.

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City Walker App - Spend less time trying to find out where to go and more time being there.

City Walker App

Spend less time trying to find out where to go and more time being there. The City Walker application is about creating great experiences for people in a city. If you're a tourist City Walker App helps you learn the local spots and live like locals.

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Schoemaker Art

Schoemaker Art

She works with individuals or small groups of children to come up with custom art lessons that will allow your child to explore the world of art through different mediums.

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Chef Rey Eugenio

Chef Rey Eugenio

We met with Chef Rey Eugenio to listen to his vision for his brand. After listening to him, we came back to our design war room to come up with a design the compliments the vision he was trying to achieve.

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Co-founder and CEO Hubert Matthew Schoemaker

Hubert Matthew Schoemaker

President and CEO

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Co-Founder and Vice-President Jeni Schoemaker

Jeni Schoemaker


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